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099: Jeff Lindsay: Mormanity

JeffLindsayJeff Lindsay lives in Shanghai but has roots in Utah and Wisconsin. His interests include China and Chinese (the language and the food), intellectual property, chemical engineering, magic (a hobby), reading, writing, travel, photography, and his LDS faith.

Jeff Lindsay has been defending the Church on the Internet since 1994, when he launched his LDSFAQ website under He has also long been blogging about LDS matters on the blog Mormanity ( Jeff is a longtime resident of Appleton, Wisconsin, who recently moved to Shanghai, China, with his wife, Kendra. He works for an Asian corporation as head of intellectual property. Jeff and Kendra are the parents of 4 boys, 3 married and the the youngest on a mission.
He is a former innovation and IP consultant, a former professor, and former Corporate Patent Strategist and Senior Research Fellow for a multinational corporation.
Jeff Lindsay, Cheryl Perkins and Mukund Karanjikar are authors of the book Conquering Innovation Fatigue (John Wiley & Sons, 2009).
Jeff has a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Brigham Young University and is a registered US patent agent. He has more than 100 granted US patents and is author of numerous publications. Jeff’s hobbies include photography, amateur magic, writing, and Mandarin Chinese.

4 thoughts on “099: Jeff Lindsay: Mormanity”

  1. I appreciate this interview and a lot of the discussion. One part that I struggled with hearing, and I find this with a lot of apologists, is with Jeff’s explanation about the Book of Abraham. The arguments around the additional scrolls aren’t compelling for me personally. I wonder what Jeff would think of a person like myself who appreciates the BoA, and believes that Joseph was inspired in creating it, but I don’t believe it is historical.

    It seems like many feel like Joseph can’t have been a prophet if he created inspired but non historical scripture. Personally I don’t see this as a choice between the just those two outcomes. I view Joseph as a prophet and I also believe that he created inspirational scripture, containing both influences from God and cultural influences from Joseph’s world in the 19th century. For me, this is the best explanation for all that Joseph created. It also allows for me to reject ideas that I believe weren’t inspired like polygamy while at the same time not feeling the need to call Joseph a fallen prophet.

    I hope that members of the church will learn to accept views like this, that there are more than just two ends of the spectrum. That we don’t need to draw a line at historicity to be faithful members of this church.

  2. For the smart members of the Church the Book of Mormon, the BOA and the Book of Moses are not historical but certainly inspired. And of course there is room for you in the Church.

    Those of us not so smart, just the normal member, believe the BOM is historical and that there was a real Nephi and a real Moroni and even a real Pacumeni. I have not seen the any ancient inscriptions dated around 580 bc that says “Nephi slept here” and i never will, however i still believe the book is historical. I am just wondering if in the mormon blogosphere if those of us who are not so smart and believe in such silly traditions have a place.

    One of those silly traditions is that section 132 is from God. Another one is that the BOA is historical. And then the brethren and there support of Prop. 8.

    There certainly is a trend in the “faithful” Mormon blogs to diminish the traditional prophetic call of the man who communed with Jehovah. But again I am not very smart and I doubt you will publish this comment.

  3. Norton R. Nowlin, M.A.

    Norton R. Nowlin, M.A.
    12807 Cara Drive
    Woodbridge, VA 22192

    I am an ex-Mormon elder, stake and district missionary, ordained military group leader, and ward mission leader, from 1970-2000. I served the devil for 30 years in Mormonism before I found the Lord Jesus on my knees and accepted his blessed grace through his precious blood.

    I have had direct email contact with Jeff Lindsay, have never met the man, but know, for a fact, that he is a professional apologist for the Mormon Church, and works in conjunction with F.A.R.M.S., at BYU.

    I have three poignant questions for Jeff and his Mormon admirers.

    1. Is there currently in existence a published written statement endorsed as canonized Mormon scripture by a late-20th Century LDS First Presidency explicating and defining real Mormon polytheistic theology?

    2. Does this statement of Mormon theology totally refute the theology written into the 1830 Book of Mormon, and that theology represented by full-time Mormon missionaries to struggling Christians investigating Mormonism as the official theology of Mormonism?

    3. Would it be necessary to read the 19th Century Book of Mormon, after reading such a statement about real Mormon polytheistic theology, to realize that Mormon theology is totally pagan, unbiblical, and unchristian?

    I have had direct email dialogues with Jeff Lindsay during the past decade, and know, for a fact, that he is a professional Mormon apologist, just like Michael Griffith, who works in conjunction with F.A.R.M.S. at BYU. I have come to the conclusion that Jeff is decidedly a pragmatic sophist who cares nothing for the truth.

    Jeff and his followers will probably answer the foregoing three questions by saying that no such canonized statement about polytheistic Mormon theology exists, so that it could not possibly refute the Book of Mormon.

    Yet, such a statement does exist, and it is “Lesson 21-Man May Become Like God,” from the 1984 LDS Melchizedek Priesthood Study Guide, “Search These Commandments.” What is “Lesson 21?”

    “Lesson 21” is a concise restatement of founding Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith’s 1844 “King Follett Discourse” and Mormon Prophet Lorenzo Snow’s refinement of it in the late 1890s. “Lesson 21” was the last time that the Mormon Church placed into print its literal predicate of its cursed polytheistic theology for the LDS Melchizedek Priesthood to standardly and collectively study. It is verified, in “Lesson 21” as canonized LDS scripture and commandments by the 1984 LDS First Presidency comprised of Mormon Prophet, Seer, and Revelator Spencer W. Kimball and his three apostle counselors, N. Eldon Tanner, Marion G. Romney, and Gordon B. Hinckley.

    “Lesson 21’is the only smoking-gun irrefutable evidence of 19th Century Mormon polytheism venerated and practiced in the 20th and 21st Centuries, and beyond, which is verified and proclaimed by the highest authority in the LDS Church, a 20th Century LDS First Presidency. The Mormon Church never expected it to be used against them, which clearly illustrates their demonic arrogance.

    “Lesson 21-Man May Become Like God,” refutes the Trinitarian theology proclaimed by Joseph Smith in the 1830 Book of Mormon, which Smith changed, from 1835 to 1844, to polytheism, or that “God the Father was a human man born on a planet somewhere in the cosmos, who changed, and changed, and changed to eventually become a “Mormon Father-God” just like, and just as great as, his “Mormon Father-God.” Smith proclaimed this theology in his 1844 “King Follett Discourse, which was regarded in 1844 as immediately canonized ex cathedra scripture and doctrine, per Doctrine and Covenants 68:4.

    Anyone reading “Lesson 21,” especially struggling Christians who will, no doubt, come into contact with the lying Mormon full-time missionaries at some point, will immediately realize that Mormonism is not Christian; and keeping Christians away from Mormonism proves much simpler than trying to convert true-blue Mormons from the error of their ways, even though some of them eventually come to Christ.

    A person does not have to read any further than the text of “Lesson 21-Man May Become Like God” to realize that real Mormon theology, which has been covertly venerated by the LDS Church since around 1900, is pagan, unbiblical, and totally unchristian.

    Anyone reading this commentary may receive a PDF copy of “Lesson 21-Man May Become Like God” from me by sending a request to my email address . I will send requested copies out within a few hours after receiving the requests. You may also contact me at the cell phone number above.

    I sincerely believe that true Christians know that fulfillment of prophecy is the primary reason that millionaire Franklin Graham has publicly proclaimed on the BGEA website that “Mormonism is Christian and not a cult.” The New Testament clearly states that in the latter-days the very elect will be deceived, and Franklin Graham was speaking for his father, the noted evangelist Billy Graham, when he made his absurd proclamation. The efforts of Jeff Lindsay and other Mormon apologists need to be opposed, and the world needs to be told the truth about real Mormon polytheistic theology. Please request a copy of “Lesson 21” to mass-produce and send out to all struggling Christians who know nothing about the evil of Mormonism.

  4. Norton R. Nowlin, M.A.

    Norton R. Nowlin, M.A.
    12807 Cara Drive
    Woodbridge, VA 22192

    My email address is nrnowlin @ Please request a copy of “Lesson21-Man May Become Like God.”

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