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140: Chris Reeve: Church Discipline


Today we sit down with Chris Reeve, a dear friend of mine, and we discuss Church Discipline.  We hit this topic from a historical perspective and build from there.  We speak about scriptural relevance for Church discipline, how while wanting a big tent, the tent must still exists.  We talk about Early Church leaders who went through Church discipline and then end speaking about today’s present procedures and our personal experience participating in disciplinary procedures.


1 thought on “140: Chris Reeve: Church Discipline”

  1. Hey bill, i have listened to your way of reasoning things on history as well as compassion moving forward, your treatment of the issues in your disciplinary meeting was extensive and also just the tip of a real iceburg waiting to sink old ship zion, im wondering if you know if you had an impact on any of the men in attendance, if i would have been one i would have hinged my membership on the integrity of the church in that moment, you did awesome, im still a believing christian and i picture people like holland meeting the lord and knowing their screwed, without excuses.

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