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207: Nephi’s Faith Transition


Today we jump back into the Book of Mormon, right to the beginning….. with Nephi.  We use his story to demonstrate that even men of God shift in their faith and beliefs, scriptural characters are not stagnant, the story is not always what we think it is, and most importantly the scriptures truly do point to Christ and his Grace & Mercy.


2 thoughts on “207: Nephi’s Faith Transition”

  1. Instead of trying to change the church’s standard to your moral values. I would try to understand Gods perspective given by revelation by prophets and apostles.

    If you want to help people who have homosexual attraction tell them to live or be willing to live within Gods standard of chastity.

    1. you seemed to have posted the same comment twice. I would suggest only posting a comment once going forward. I would welcome a discussion anytime where you help me and others better understand your certainty of the mind and will of God. I welcome a dialogue but you will need to listen as much as you speak.

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