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RESOURCE: Book of Abraham Conundrum Explained Simply

Unfortunately, most discussions about the history of the Book of Abraham are confusing, filled with words like “papyrus” and “facsimiles” and “fragments” without knowing the whole story. There’s a hazy understanding that we had the papyri but then they were burned at some point in a museum(?), and then parts of it (or all of it?) were found later again somehow. Here’s the thing: Anybody can understand what happened with the Book of Abraham, what has been recovered. You don’t have to be an Egyptologist or a PhD to understand the main issues, and their implications. I promise you. So let’s go over a few quick things to do with its origin, what happened, and what the issues are. A lot of the smaller details of its history have conflicting details – I would love any correction if needed and sources!

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  1. At the very end of this document, it says:

    “In the future I will address more difficult issues, including the ‘But how can you explain my very powerful
    and specific spiritual experiences? I cannot deny them!’ question.”

    I’m very interested in reading this promised future content from the author. Do you have any clue if this content was every created? If so, where to find it? Can you share the name of the content creator?

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