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Radio Free Mormon: 040: MTC Sex Scandal Investigation Update

RFM gives us an update into his legal pursuit to un-redact the highly Redacted Provo Police report and to retrieve the Provo Police Audio evidence of their interview with Joseph Bishop.  Hot on the trail RFM will not take No for an answer!

Copies of requests and responses thus far


7 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 040: MTC Sex Scandal Investigation Update”

  1. Digging into truth/corruption which we are commanded to leave alone, and worship it anyway, even before Christ…
    By their fruits ye SHALL know them.”

  2. I can and will never understand the very idea of statute limitations when dealing with an “ick” factor. This time thing needs to be fixed. Victims live a lifetime of trying to deal with things. Time often does NOT heal. Police should never walk away from something that they must know is so wrong. Time only works for the attorneys of the LDS Church..where cover ups and deceiving is a another lie for the Lord.

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