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Mormonism 101: An Introductory Rap

Some months ago I wanted to take a stab at sharing the messiness of Mormonism in song form.  This was the result.  I used the music from Luniz “I Got Five On it” and sat down and wrote this in about 40 minutes and took about 15 minutes to record it.  I hope you enjoy.  If you like feel free to share.  If you have any questions you can email MormonDiscussionsPodcasts AT gmail DOT com


10 thoughts on “Mormonism 101: An Introductory Rap”

  1. Bill, I know you have had your days, but I have always appreciated how you have tactfully expressed your frustrations about the Church. Itseems like the rap song was taking it too far. Don’t get me wrong, all of the stuff you mentioned in the song was valid. And I have to admit, you appear to have a talent I was not aware of, and I am amazed that anyone could put it all together in an hour. But I think the song makes those of us “outside the tent” appear to be juvenile, and less likely to be taken seriously. I ask you to please consider removing the song from your podcast.

  2. That ain’t Mormonism 101, that’s after graduate material, truth is you could spend 20 years in the church and never hear anything about this stuff. Let’s call it anti-mormonism 101.

    1. seriously David? Anti Mormonism? What was untrue in what I said? Do you not see how awful a word “anti-mormon” is. Are you suggesting the truth is “anti-Mormon”. You see “Anti-Mormon” is a word we use so that the believer can feel comfortable in dismissing the statements or people who made them. It truly is a pejorative of the worst kind and you didn’t even use it fairly. They can write off such things as lies and untrue without investing any energy into actually trying to understand the reality of the data. The info in this “rap” is anything but that. David, You are always trying to make this podcast into what you want it to be. You have self admitted that things dont add up, but you also admit you want it so bad to be true that you practically demand that others frame your religion in ways that allow you to continue holding on. While my heart goes out to such and I deeply empathize with that perspective. It also isn’t honest. Knock it off. Deep down when your vulnerable you have even admitted such. If I state something that is false, point it out and lets address it. Sadly in your gut, you realize your religion lied to you and betrayed you, but you also feel hopeless in regards to where would you go? Your paralyzed and begging for ways to reconcile your cognitive dissonance but you also sense deep down that such can peace can never be achieved if holding onto belief in the Mormon narrative is the only conclusion. Don’t take that out on me by calling names that simply make you feel better but don’t deal with the information honestly and vulnerably.

  3. Bill,…I’ve listened to your cast almost from the beginning, and you have come a long way. You were led here through study and faith (and I’m not being quip). Its interesting to watch a faith transition like yours, simply because it mirrors in some ways my own.

    You do not lie on your casts, but the things you are sharing now are, I suspect, considered apostate. It will be interesting to see what happens with your membership (and I promise I’m not being negative here). I bring this up simply because I think the church is wrestling for the first time with what to do about the mass numbers leaving, and also the caliber of those who are leaving. Years ago when they excommunicated those who were intelligent vocals (the purge like September 6 for example), it put a shudder through the membership; everyone was afraid to breath. Now when they ex people, those people take others with them.

    What are they gunna do with you Bill?….

    Gosh, it is an interesting time to be watching the LDS church and how it will respond to circumstances!

    And I appreciate what you are doing on your pod-cast. Jesus said something about knowing the truth and truth making you free. How is it even possible for the LDS church to tout truth, then use its considerable influence to hide, obfuscate, suppress, and flat out LIE about those things that are factually true?

    I for one want to know the truth! So, Bill,…keep sharing the truth,…and LET the LDS church label you an apostate for it. It ain’t worth it to be associated with a group of liars anyway.

  4. “…when I expressed my doubt, he (the church leader) asked if I masturbated!”

    Yep, that sounds like the Mormon Church I remember well… An obsession with people’s sex lives… I remember my mother telling me, years after the fact, that a major reason she as a single mother was so super grouchy when I was a teenager, was due to the Church rule that people are forbidden from masturbating! Ugh! My poor mom…

    But meanwhile, the married members of the Church can gain lawful sexual release with each other, or at least in theory, depending on whether or not the wives are also getting satisfied.

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