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The Asherah Grove: 001: Welcome to the Asherah Grove

Today we take off with a new podcast, The Asherah Grove.  Hosted by Suzette Smith, the Asherah Grove will explore women’s issues, The feminine divine, interviews with prominent female scholars and authors.  This episode 1 where we explore the reason for the name Asherah Grove, some of the directions we want to go in, and a request for you the listener to contribute ideas and suggestions.  Email the Asherah Grove at [email protected]
This first episode contains a few small sound issues.  Please bare with us as we work out the kink in order to provide you quality conversations around feminism and Women’s issues!

Suzette Smith is a member of the church in the Washington DC Metro Area. She has a wide variety of “calling experience” within the church and served a mission to Melbourne, Australia in 1991. In other Mormon work, she has worked with many other Mormon Feminist (MoFem) groups and on many (MoFem) projects, including the Ordain Women actions of 2013-14.

Suzette earned a BS from Brigham Young University and an MBA from Bentley University.  She owns and operates a professional organizing company.  As a podcast junkie, she is excited about this podcast.


7 thoughts on “The Asherah Grove: 001: Welcome to the Asherah Grove”

  1. Hi
    Just listened to the podcast
    Thank you for starting this and explaining the meaning behind the title.
    When I was a seminary teacher, during the OT year, I attended an inservice for teachers over in college park, MD
    There was a lesson about the immorality that existed and the sexual acts taking place in the groves worshipping Asherah
    I have had a negative association w that word and thought it was the name of a female false god. That’s what was taught.
    It is difficult to know the truth sometimes.

    Regarding balancing between men and women I feel it important to have women participate in the stake high councils.
    I don’t know if the stake RS Pres attends stake HC mtgs.
    I think women should be part of church courts especially when a women is the person to appear.
    Best wishes for your podcast success.

    One idea topic might be
    Why do so many of the men’s talks at women’s sessions of Gen Conf alwAys focus on nurturing and mothering.
    It seems the talks are limiting based on our biology.
    Why can’t we be completely seen as fully functional people rather than as gender-specific roles.
    I am a whole person.

  2. A mother in heaven is an after thought and part of the expansion of plurality of gods. Why would any woman want to be like the heavenly mother LDS teaching provides. An LDS woman after becoming a queen and priestess unto her husband begins bearing a spirit child. Don’t know the important details of that but no worries it will work out. Then what? You bear another. Then what? Bear another and another. Then what? Keep bearing until the jobs done. One problem, according to LDS teaching it’s never done. A mother was thought of only to satisfy the desires of the men who can’t be a god and be glorified if they don’t have children to praise them. So women are needed. In fact,lots of women. No thanks. I will believe in the biblical God. Not the gods of mormonism. I do think Junia in Romans 16 is worth our time. Paul calls her a compatriot apostle. (Paul is misunderstood and gets a bad wrap in his sayings on women) Huldah’s treatment in LDS teachings is what broke my shelf and I finally left. It took 35 years for me to listen to wisdom. I’m nearly 60. No matter how hard I tried to spin the teachings so I could find value as a woman and I tried hard, mormon teachings suck for women.

  3. The truths of equal weight, consideration and mutual respect are a far cry from what zealot men and women push only considering supremacy of their own side as most divine, while feigning equality and consideration of the other gender as trey corral the other gender (and their own) for their “safety, for God, or the greater good.”

    Proud leaders have always, and always will, work overtime “for Him” to hide any truths that don’t suit their changing whims (fruits). “Evil is the new good!” Isaiah 5:20-21

    Thanks for the great references and history in this new podcast.
    I have so far only listened to part of those prior podcast with Bill which you referenced. They are very good material too.

    Can we deny Truth and be of Him, and Her? Checks and balances Are essential and are part of the real Jesus’ true teachings which men try to create, change and pervert in His name. Matt 7:20-24

    Yes, get women in on the baby blessings for sure, and back to ministering through giving healing and other blessings and in full counsel and weight with the currently mostly corrupt unchecked brethren, who through their “Gospel” smorgasbording and force-feeding the sheeple, refuse to hear the core words of Chris’t actual Gospel which means “Good News” which is unchaining wisdom, love, peace and Truth.” gospel never meant nor can mean the current bullying, coercing, threatening, punishing… That is Satan’s plan and I still vote opposed.

    The brethren have a long history of jumping and commanding great sounding ideas before thinking them through and sending those ideas , doctrines and “commandments” through a council of women first and Then… through the true and perverted (by them) Law of Common Consent/Dissent, not by coercion, threats, bullying, to agree with their shifting “truths” which only pile higher and deeper (Lie upon lie, decept upon decept…), thus needing rescue and redemption through those ancient-design “Two New Great Commandments” of “Obey Us! Don’t question Us!” which are in fact that damned other brother’s plan, again, which we faithfully worship today? 2 Nephi 28: 13-23

    Why not just bring the real Jesus back who was all about real equality with no pedestals, and bring back our real Mother who is just as wonderful as how Jesus described our Father which bible authors allowed Him to artfully describe, and later outright calling the father of the forceful, threatening, ever-righteous Pharisees Satan. Oh, My! Whom are we really following? Don’t answer that, just ponder it.

    We borrowed the basis of our constitution from native Americans who ran their final proposed laws and polices, first approved by the council of brethren, then through that final council of women for a final and equal voice, even of veto (we need to just say “No!” to SAINT’n?), preventing many regretful mistakes.

    Have we made enough “true church” mistakes to see this yet, and turn to Jesus and our Heavenly Parents once again who have let us exercise agency (to bully each other to force salvation…) to see our stumbling blocks, “kicking against the pricks” and downfall of our “great wisdom” over Theirs?

    We have already perverted this final approval/consent/dissent of equal consideration right out of our constitution and our church.

    Have we banned our eternal Mother and Her son Jesus from our church which has somehow come to worshiping “commandments,” building and leaders foremost? D&C 46: 4-8

    I can’t even imagine a Jesus who refines, reduces, perverts His own Word of Wisdom way down into just 4 Holy Don’ts and then commands them against His won words (D&C 89:2-4,10-11) into the now Holy sh..-test Sentinel to His kingdom on earth and heaven. The list is long and growing, that which goes against our Heavenly Mother and Her Son who stood up for all of us in equality.

    Have we bound and gagged them and tossed them into the trunk of our solely Holy and Only True shiny new Jesus Mobile?

  4. There is so much to discuss! Thank you for providing a forum. I would like to hear and or participate in discusions on how mormonism supports ,encourages even allows women to create and cheerfully sponsor lifelong inequality in marriage and family. After 28 yrs and 9 children I found myself uneducated, emotionally abused and totally naiive to the outside world. All my time was taken fulfilling my church assignments, childrearing, and husband supporting. I was not joyful…..though I felt fulfilled because I was doing everything according to the book…. I was good at it. I was NOT good at having any idea who I was, what I wanted for myself beyond my relugious indoctrination. …I had abdicated any free thinking.y jib was to y My job was to sat yes, smile, and never ask for anything…. Or so I had thought. Relief Society never felt like it offered a place to really share my heart. It was not safe… to share my inadequacies or questions for fear of judgement or simple lack of relatibility. I am confidant with awareness and open hearts women can blossom as a rose. It is a journey worth the discussion and focus. Thank you!

  5. I’m very concerned that you are providing this platform to a woman who claims her feminist work in her bio, but also has just this week pled guilty to stealing over $100,000 from the Exponent II magazine?!?! This woman doesn’t deserve to represent the mormon or feminist community.

    1. First I am fully aware of her actions. Second I deeply believe in forgiveness and giving people second chances to show they have learned and are taking a different path. I value Suzette as a human being and a friend and thought this a great way to give her an opportunity to show the world she both has value beyond her mistakes and to contribute in positive ways. Thank You
      Bill Reel

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