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Mythical Jesus: 016: Mark 3:4-6 Anger, Sadness, and Defiance

Last episode we talked about Jesus entering the synagogue and attending to the man with the deformed hand.  Today we tell the rest of the story which is to shine a light on how Jesus seems to always be painted into the corner by his religious leaders and somehow someway uses their lack of vulnerability to turn the situation on its head.  Pay close attention to why Jesus always has the upper hand in these conversations.  And notice how Jesus responds to their lack of vulnerability.  Lastly can you sense Jesus’ defiance at his handling a situation that could be put off till later if only to annoy and push back against the religious leaders of his tribe.   In this story we get a good sense of how those who fight rightly for truth and goodness are treated by their religious systems and their tribes when the do-gooders are pointing to institutional unhealthiness and a lack of vulnerability.


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