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Rainbow Mormon: 007: Stand Still While I Slap You With This Olive Branch.

A response to Elder Anderson’s recent conference talk.  The talk seemed to reverse the bit of progress made by last weeks reversal of the 2015 exclusion policy.


4 thoughts on “Rainbow Mormon: 007: Stand Still While I Slap You With This Olive Branch.”

  1. Olive branch olive can’tch.
    Oh, I’m so sorry, Brethren, but I still can’t find any place in the scriptures of Jesus condoning the condemning of gays, but quite the opposite. Who are you guys to lie for Him and change His mind for Him over and over? Jesus called guys like you (Pharisees) children of Satan. Get thee behind me Saint’n?

    “Look at ‘the Family a Proclamation to the World’ with an eye of faith.”? What? Faith in a legal brief prepared by some of the most crooked lawyers on the face of the earth, the type Jesus bemoaned for their ethics and abuse?

    “And, sorry if you were born with mixed sex parts because we cannot accept God’s creations as He made them… Only with surgeries and hiding it can we accept you as a child of God.”?

    Oh, no, not “smorgasbording,” again? Then why do the leaders smorgasbord the Gospel, and the “gospel,” even more than any member does, to force-feed the flock with the selections and fabrications they stuff in Jesus’ mouth too?

    OK, the Holy Temples cover all the bases, holding families hostage forever to them, better than any possible super glue. To gain entry, for fake “slave-ation,” you must Obey, Pay and never question their lying abusing arses. “All bases covered, Amen!”

    A ball of gold spray painted crap we are commanded worship? Rotten fruits.

    Yes, love yourself as your neighbor as God. A three legged stool falls when you cut a leg or two short.

    Why is the pile of crap so high and deep? One step forward, two steps back, the opposite of Jesus’ teachings.

  2. Why don’t you leave the church if you want to live authentically? Living authentically, to you, obviously means having gay sex. Why is condemning that act a condemnation of you as a person. Jesus, yes, loved everyone. But the old and new testaments clearly condemn same sex sexual relations, and sodomy even between members of different sexes. Jesus asked the woman, “where are your accusers” but he then said “go and sin no more”. You want the church to come into line with version of morality. Are you okay with polygamy and polyandry too? In a church which accepted gay marriage, would you then turn round and say no to the polygamists?

    1. James, Could you point me to where Jesus condemns Homosexuality? Also could you point me to all instances Jesus condemns the religious leaders of his true and living church during his mortality for misrepresenting God’s law?

      1. Read Romans. Also, where does Jesus condemn polygamy or pederasty? Come on. You’re smarter than that. If you want to commit sodomy, which is what the discussion is about, then why do you need a church or God (which you don’t believe in) to give you a false revelation (man made policy masquerading as such) to do that?

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