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Radio Free Mormon: 131: My Corona

Tonight we deal with the amazing way prophets foretold the Corona Virus.  Radio Free Mormon does his part to relieve the boredom of those sheltering at home by upping his output of scintillating podcasts.


6 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 131: My Corona”

  1. It’s easy to mock some of the foolishness generated by faithful Latter-day Saints. But only fools mock, right RFM?

    Truth be told though, LDS leaders seem to not do enough to dispel such faithful reasoning, but instead they seem all to happy to not only allow it to perpetuate, but even play into it if it is culturally fitting and broadly acceptable to do so.

    1. I do my fair share of mocking, so you are right to call me out on that, David.

      On the other hand, I have heard it said the reason some of my critiques are so pointed is because I take Mormon doctrine seriously and simply follow it to its logical conclusion.

      Individual tastes will vary.

      Thanks for listening!


  2. At just before the 22 minute mark in this episode, mention is made of a scripture somewhere (possibly Isaiah) that discusses the idea that god speaks about things before they happen but they are not understood by man until after they’ve come to pass.

    Do you RFM (or anyone else) happen to know where this passage is? I’d love to find it but haven’t had luck yet. Thanks for the great work RFM!

    1. I just spent about ten minutes trying to find it, including going back through my old Bible to see if perchance I had marked it, all to no avail.

      I am pretty sure it is in the Old Testament, though.

      Maybe in the Book of Hezekiah . . .

  3. May I remind you, a very wise guy once said something like, “I did not escape the Only True Cult just to turn myself in at the Covid-Cult.”
    Awaken, Group-$alvation is not the true cult either…

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