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Almost Awakened: 037: Street Epistemology With Anthony Magnabosco

Today Mekael and Bill sit down with Anthony Magnabosco who has pioneered the recorded demonstrations of Street Epistemology.

Street Epistemology is a conversational tool that helps people reflect on the quality of their reasons and the reliability of their methods used to derive one’s confidence level in their deeply-held beliefs.

Anthony shares how this works, what his motives are, how he deconstructed his own faith, and his personal thoughts on how various systems encourage continued belief even when said belief is irrational.


How we let go of faith beliefs


2 thoughts on “Almost Awakened: 037: Street Epistemology With Anthony Magnabosco”

  1. This is a great topic, i study the bible and history as well as belief systems and our tendancy to adopt a community of belief as a hobby, i recognize the mormon church and how control happens with a heirarchy, i try and be open to truth and honestly recognize compelling reasons to believe the christian worldview, if we dismiss the accounts available as not historical it gets to a point if we want to be consistent we have to dismiss everything from the past cause we were not there and didnt see anything, but why trust what we see cause we are biased and only see one perspective, i think this openness to examine things is good but we should also be open to learn from the past and leave some space for faith, i dont think religion or politics should enjoy a pass that we dont talk about it cause its rude, thats dumb, but we should call out manipulatuon and abuse regardless of where its found.

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