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Radio Free Mormon: 156: Take Me Home, Country Roads

RFM tells how he “crossed paths” with two old friends; friends whose journeys in and out of the church are decidedly different from the road RFM is on.  Get ready for a lot of fun and maybe even a few tears.  Oh!  And the church has another logo!


3 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 156: Take Me Home, Country Roads”

  1. Well, RFM, when your ready to come back… I’m sure President Urchdorf would like to know. The church probably has a Temple somewhere keeping it’s lights on just for you.

    1. Thanks for the idea, Corbin!

      Maybe you could send me a message at the Radio Free Mormon Facebook page and let me know a little more about you and what it is you would like to say?

      I am still trying to work out the technology on recording guests, which is one of the reasons I have had so few, and the few I have had always have Bill Reel on board not only to ask great questions, but also to run the recording technology!

      So it may not be something I am able to do right away, but definitely interested.

      Thanks again!

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