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Radio Free Mormon: 159: Revelation Revolution

Why does President Russell M. Nelson feel compelled to label everything that comes out of his mouth as revelation?  RFM digs into the current “revelation revolution” of President Nelson’s administration, and unearths a piece of evidence from 1986 that may shed important light on the subject!


3 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 159: Revelation Revolution”

  1. A poor warfarin man of grief

    In your list of changes by Nelson how about his breaking with tradition by firing Uchtdorf and replacing him with the hardliner Oaks?

  2. Quite interesting. Members have been itching for some new revelations, at least I have, but I wanted doctrinal changes not organizational ones.

    I used to like Nelson and Oaks a lot during my TBM days, now not so much. I have this now inherited mistrust for leaders… I wish I could trust in them to be honest again. Now, it’s a struggle to give them the credit that their due. It’s not easy to be them and all things considered they are actually doing an okay job.

    You can never be popular with everyone, we are on the sidelines and until we become or represent a larger portion of the LDS population… leadership will not cater to our unorthodox needs.

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