Mormon Discussion: 360: The Holy Ghost as a Trump Card

How Elevation Emotion is used as a trump card and corrupted by giving it a new name, that of “The Holy Ghost”


One thought on “Mormon Discussion: 360: The Holy Ghost as a Trump Card

  1. Thank you, Bill, for sharing your story with your close relative and modeling a way to help make our relationships be balanced and healthy with those that disagree with us. I’m sorry you experienced that negativity, but I’m inspired by your example of strength in that instance. Too often, there is pressure to let the LDS church and its member dictate the terms of our relationships, which is unhealthy.

    No doubt, your relative felt — through what they consider to be “the Spirit” — that they were justified in being abusive. Too often, it would seem that the slogan of some LDS church members is “Having the Holy Ghost means never having to say ‘sorry’.”

    I wish you all the best on the great work that you and your podcasting cohorts are doing.

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