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Operation Underground Railroad Update! : RFM: 294

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In this explosive episode of “Radio Free Mormon,” RFM delves into the shocking revelations surrounding “Operation Underground Railroad” (OUR) and anti-trafficking activist Tim Ballard (OUR). Documents obtained by VICE News unveil a complex web of connections, alleging that a prominent figure within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, President M. Russell Ballard, played a secret role in “Operation Underground Railroad” activities. Insider information describes Ballard’s claims of a covert collaboration between OUR, his personal ventures, and the senior church leader Russell M Ballard. Their alleged aim: to use the anti-trafficking cause as a means to draw Americans into the Mormon faith. As RFM uncovers the intricate details, listeners will learn about the extent of the ties between the two Ballards, involving business arrangements, blessings, and even interactions with a psychic claiming to communicate beyond the veil. Moreover, the episode highlights the fallout from these revelations. Tim Ballard’s departure from “Operation Underground Railroad” amid internal investigations coincided with the unexpected success of “Sound of Freedom,” a fictionalized account of his child-rescue missions. RFM dissects the statements provided by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which firmly denounces any endorsement or support for “Operation Underground Railroad” and Tim Ballard’s projects. The podcast uncovers a trove of psychic readings, purportedly used in OUR’s operations, raising questions about the legitimacy of their missions. As the episode unfolds, RFM explores the ramifications of these revelations on Tim Ballard’s professional and political aspirations. Despite being effectively denounced by the Mormon power structure, Ballard’s persistence and ability to reinvent himself remain remarkable. Listeners will be captivated by this in-depth exposé, shedding light on a controversy that challenges perceptions of faith, activism, and personal ambition. “Operation Underground Railroad Unveiled: The Tim Ballard Controversy” promises to be a riveting and thought-provoking installment of “Radio Free Mormon.”



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